Security safe specializes in ptoronot include safes, including: sales, installation, and repair of all types of sofas of the highest vault in Israel market.

Our company has 40 years of experience in the vault in Israel and meet any possible malfunction. 

Our company specializes in all types of safecracking and all sizes. One of the most important advantages and our outstanding expertise also in the vault is the skill of the vault after breakout etc

Expert safecracker security safe company will do all it can in order not to cause any damage to the safe when provoked, or contents and if chance may be acquired as a result of the explosion or topatho to know that.

For our wide range of business and private clients by Kenya, breaking or repairing safe, among a range of satisfied customers we can find: municipality of Tel Aviv, Ramle, Tel Hashomer Hospital, Intel, Roland, team 3, aroma etc.

Our vision:

Security safe, we believe that the way to run a business is honest, fair, and uncompromising adherence to the vision that we set for ourselves:

"To provide our customers a service above expectations." These are important values in security safe and allow us to gain the trust from which we benefit from the customers, business partners, etc

Finally, something that's very important with the client company is a matter of transparency. Generally, prices are determined in advance, typically instead of the safe. and it is important to remember that there are cases in which it can give a phone quote for the vault after sending a clear picture of the vault.